what you do

  • Create a reward for those who share

  • Copy paste our one line of code on your site

what Untorch does for you

  • Creates an email capture form
  • Prompts people to share your product with their friends
  • Keeps track of the referrals
  • Sends email follow-ups - motivates them to keep sharing
  • Serves you all the emails in a csv file

$200 flat fee

per campaign per year

No monthly fees

You only pay once for a full year.

Go viral

Collect as many emails as you want.
You don't pay per email.

No hidden fees

Untorch has no set up fees or maintenance fees.

Pricing as it should be

Our pricing is designed with you in mind.

No tricky monthly contracts or outrageous fees based on expected high performace.

Scale as much as you want. Untorch has got your back ;)

5-minute installation

After defining the reward you'll provide for those who get 5 referrals, Untorch will generate a line of code similar to this one:

<script type="text/javascript" data-untorch-[...]="###" src="http://unto[...].js"></script>

Copy paste it the generated code unto your site,
and you are good to go!

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